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Leon D. McMahon

Why should you choose Complete Home Inspections?  

Personal Touch! I care about people, their families and treat each person as family. I inspect a home as if I were the one moving in. I am not only a hands-on person, but curious. When you hire me to perform an inspection you are hiring me for the day. You get three or more hours of on-site inspection guided by 30+ years of construction and engineering experience. I take pictures during the inspection which aid me in generating a detailed inspection report. These reports save you money. 

Want to be an inspector for a while?  

At Complete Home Inspections you can. I encourage you to accompany me on the inspection, point out things that concern you and ask questions. Allow my experience to work for you. I am able to define the inner workings of home systems and equipment in your home. Not prepared? Not to worry! I bring extra flashlights and coveralls for your convenience so you

can accompany me in the crawl space, the attic, or wherever you want to personally check.

What if there is repair work?  

All homes have maintenance and repair work that needs to be done; the trick is to prioritize the work. I will discuss repair work with you, give you an idea of the costs involved and what qualifies as a good repair. 

Why should you choose Complete Home Inspections?  

Because I want you to understand that you are hiring an advocate in the inspection process, someone that is on your side looking out for your interests. The majority of my business comes from referrals of previous clients and a few realtors who want Complete Home Inspections. I am only a phone call away. 

What’s my guarantee? 

At the end of the inspection, after you have read a Complete Home Inspections report and have discussed it, I guarantee you will understand the conditions of the home and have a better understanding of your home.

If I can be of service to you, please call Leon D. McMahon

Complete Home Inspections

25 years experience   Accurate and on time   


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Home Inspector

Licensed in North Carolina   #557

Pre qualified for Code Enforcement Officer Inspector Level I.

Star Environmental Services Lead-Based Paint Abatement Training.

First President and founding member of the Triangle Chapter of the North Carolina Licensed Home Inspectors Association.  This association is the largest in the state and the Triangle Chapter is the largest in the state.


Licensed Contractor in North Carolina   #34337

Licensed in Massachusetts as a Home Improvement Contractor

City of Boston Board of Examiners License for Building Operation.

Designated preferred installer of Andersen Windows for J. & C. Adams Window Co. Builders Association of Greater Boston .

Design Consultation

Design builder for more than twenty years with hands on experience.

Resourceful, inquisitive and creative in the challenge of solving problems.

Excellent communication and trouble-shooting skills.

A good sense of spatial relationships and flow patterns.

If I can be of service to you, please call Leon D. McMahon








Our mission:  

To provide our clients with a Complete Home Inspection, using the latest

reporting methods and information systems.

To furnish our clients with information and understanding of the home that

will help them determine the total status of the home they are purchasing.

To supply our clients with a balanced perspective of the home, both positive

and negative, and to show the home in a complete picture.

To help our clients to make decisions based on reliable data, which is essential

in making an informed purchase of your home.

To follow “Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics”of the North Carolina

Home Inspectors Licensure Board and our policy of treating people with respect

and fairness. 


Leon D.  McMahon


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